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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Saturday 5/3/11

In the Morning I wen't to SPCA with a few members from my schools Interact Club to do voluntary work and help out wherever we can. Dogs and Cats all around.. A dog licked me!! Now i have to wash it 7 times. :S

But on the good side, I ain't afraid of dogs anymore! :D
Then we went to the cats sections and everyones heart melted. We all were looking at such cute cats! Kittens, Teen Cats and even the classic Fat Cat. :3 I swear I wanted to adopt one right there and then! Can't help it. :#

When we have done all we could, We took a few pictures for documentation then FINITO!! (Not sure of the spelling)

Had lunch at a nearby stall, Then some when home while JrVins, Darvin and I took a bus to KLCC. Got there and I bought myself a sleeveless hoodie for 40 bucks. Worth it. :D

Sadly my friends had to go back by 3:00pm while I had to wait till 5:30pm and meet Crystal and her friends by 6:00pm in Pavilion.

What did I DOO FOR 2Hours IN KLCC ALONE!!!??? :O

Well, I wanted to watch a movie alone but that will waste my money so I decided to go to kinokunia bookstore and roam around. Looking at RANDOM BOOKS, my friend suggested to look at Justin Biebers books and laugh at them.. Hehe I did.. Lame. >.<" Went upstairs and read a book called "How to Photograph Absolutely Everything". It Was A GOOD Book having it be the only book not wrapped -.- Then went to the uncharted parts (in my head) of Kinokuniya. TO MY SURPRISE!! I WAS LIKE OooooKayy!! Cool a whole different room for just Japanese materials. Non erotic though. :P Found books ranging from magazines, comics, and some other random books. The people there were, as expected... JAPANESE.. I was the ONLY Malay! :D Stayed there till 5:30pm. I walked my way to Pavilion and it started to rain, I took out my umbrella and got myself covered... The pollution was REALLY bad. Well, couldn't really blame the people, It was beside a construction site. As I walked, I got lost.. but then with faith I spurred on. Luckily, I found my way through the alley. One which I am familiar with, since I've been through it with my cousins. Got myself into the Pavilion and bought a Cappuccino, sat down on a bench and started reading a book since I was that BORED. And bloody hell, I just came out of a bookstore! Went to STICKY to by my friend a jar of candy and SUDDENLY out of NOWHERE, My friend REEK was beside me! -.- I just said Hi. in a cool way not acting suprised. I wasn't! hheee.. So both of us walked up to the front entrance and met Crystal and her friends. Walked around, ate ice cream, watched a movie (beastly) starring some guy and Vanessa Hudgens ;) and OMG Barney from "how i met your mother" was there too as a blind guy! :D Did some window shopping and it was 10pm ady.. Here are some pictures. :

My New Hoodie (LALA)

Reek Dason!! >:D

Crystaall!! :D

Slept over at Crystal's for the nite.. woke up, tuition at home. Good mood! Lets move on to the next post. It's SUNDAY! :D

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Exam week (continued)

Last Day of the Intervensi SPM!! :D

Had alot of soalan bocor so quite easy! :D
Studied last minute ALOT! :D
Learn more bout the St.Mary girls. :D
VI still are cows. :D
Got scolding from my dad for using the 3G internet for too long! :D
OMFG! just rmbr i had to withdraw 220RM to pay him for the bill! D:

I guess everything is normal. (Y) :) ☺☻☺☻☺☻ <-- Crystal thinks this is gay! :D

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Exam Week and Forensics Competition

So my exams started on the 14th. Like on Valentines Day weh!! but then again.. i'm a victim of the S.A.D. :( hhahahaha I don't mine.

So yeah, Physics paper 3-easy, Paper 1-hard, Paper 2-Drop dead hard.
Bahasa Melayu-Not enough time for me to finish everything. :(

So on Thursday i had to take English and Friday? Math. But I participated in The SEA Forensics Tournament. Well, I tried my hands on Oral interpretation. Sadly, I didn't reach the semifinals. I won't be giving you lame excuses why I didn't. Hahaa Just not good enough.

1st day
-Good. My OI was overtimed so lost a rank from that. :(
-Met Lixie for the first time that day. She had introduced me to Nazierah. Nice people.
-Watched the other participants too. Some were dead boring/ some were a disgrace, some were AWESOME.

2nd day
-I got there by 8:02am when my OI starts at 8:00am, So I didn't do well there. :(
-Got eliminated and didn't reach the semifinals
-Again watched the other participants to spur them on.
-Met a whole lot of other people.

3rd day
-I got there early b'cuz my dad sent me for the first time to anywhere in the early morning
-Only Arief Iskandar and Abdullah Adam made it to the finals for Forensics duet and solo acting
-Hanged out with the St.Mary contestants for abit with Jasfaizi. *They said I like one of em'*
-Met Anwar Razak from VI
-Finally, St.John's won Silver for solo acting thanks to Arief, and Duet acting thanks to Arief and Adam. (They are Brothers). 3rd best for overall performance, 2nd was awarded to Hong Kong International School and 1st was awarded to Kolej Tengku Jaafar. We also won the Rafidah Award for being the best participants amongst the government schools there.

All in all a good experience and history has been made cuz none of the Johannians have ever won medals. Not to mention 2 extra bonus awards! We are gonna be in the Star Newspaper baby!! :D

So check that out soon. So today is Sunday, no more forensics and well, tomorrow I have to sit for English and Modern Maths Exam. So here I goo.. :D

Sunday, 6 February 2011


Haha Soo sorry for not being active, well it gets kinda old to do this. It's like talking to yourself.

Well, in January school was normal I guess? Oh! let me tell you something.. Every morning I have to walk to the LRT which is like 1km away. When I arrive school, I get to rest i guess? xD
going back is the same thing, another km. So in 1 day i walk 2km! :D

Chinese New Year Holidays (28/1 -6/2)
Chinese New Year wasn't much for me. Nobody invited me to their open house so no red packets. :( I was suppose to go karaoke with Crystal and her friends for 6 hours. I turned them down and went to my moms house instead! :D See, I am a good boy! -_-

At my moms house, i didn't do much.. play with my neighbours dog, go online and my step dad brought us out to TGIF for dinner. That was good because the service was excellent. All the waiters there are students of culinary arts and hotel management. So IT WAS GOOD! :D We got a 30% discount voucher for our next bill in TGIF.

On Thursday, I was supposed to go out with my friend, Iswar but he canceled cuz Jagit's relative passed away. My condolence for em'. So I wen't back to my dads house on that day itself and just chilled to the very next day.

Okay! now we are on Saturday, hehe don't get lost! :D
Amirul Ariffin planned this BBQ/Swimming event, so i attended and had fun la! We were handling the bbq pit. Let me be specific, we as in the Johannians and a few other awesome people! :D
So half way through, it started raining so all of us tending the bbq went swimming! AWESOME FUN UNDER THE RAIN!! haha I brought my floats so it was EPIC! the rest neither wanted to help us cook or swim. They just sat their talking amongst themselves. Even the host didn't swim! =_= I had to go home pretty early, everyone stayed back till 9pm but as for me, I had to go home at 7.30pm b'cuz my dad wanted me to study. Sunday I was stressed out cuz I had lost my keys and the night after the party i was using my phone to go online thinking it was on wifi. Next morning i found out it was on 3G. Soo? THE PHONE BILL IS GONNA BE EXPENSIVE! T_T
Thank god i found my keys that day at my friends house b'cuz without it, i can't open the gate to leave/enter my house for school and my dad doesn't wake up as early as i do...

So thats about it for now! My exams are next week. Wish me LUCK! :D

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

School is back.. That Sijil Pelajaran is mine.. (I hope)

First few days of school.. it has only been 3 so far. It's going on quite well.. I've been praying and hoping to get the best out of all this.

First day was kinda bad.. but still I tried to make the best of it. I entered the last class of Science stream. Canteen was haywire and everything was messed up.. 2nd day thankful went wonderful.. They said they had made a mistake and I was transfered from the last class, to the first class! :3
My mood went so high.. the sky wasn't the limit no more. I got used to the canteen.. they start putting tables again. Only thing was I sat at the back. Then 3rd day, we had to arranged sitting positions alphabetically and to my delight. I sat right infront beside the teachers desk. Oh, all the information and attention of the teacher would be directed to me first! :D

Lets hope all this good things keep on coming. :D

Okey, we are getting things sorted out here.. (23rd-1st)

Ooookeey.. lets see..

3. Crystals Birthday Bash! (23rd-24th December 2010)
- It was a pool party which was supposed to be with a "French" theme. We made it more Malaysian. ;)
There was nothing french about it! xD
I had soo much fun! At first, I only knew about 5 people there. At the end of the day... everyone that attended her party became my friends.. :3

- She had a sleepover too.. but my mom wanted me back home. So yeah, Mommy's boy. :3

4. and then There Was The NEW YEARS EVE!
It came out to be a bust. Well not tottaly, I couldn't spend the time with the person I want but then again it was okey, cuz sadly.. wait thats for later.
- I spend the nite with my family. My dad and I, with my half-brother went to the Curve to buy food/desserts because my grandparents are coming. My dad called it "FUN" =.=
he hasn't seen "MY" side of Fun.. ;)

- So we counted down to the last second, watched the fireworks since we had a 360 view of KL, Hoorah Hoorah!! but at 2am on the 1st day of 2011.. My girlfriends grandfather passed away. It must be really really depressing for you to lose someone you love on the first day of the year. :'(
- I've been through it.. well all I can say is, "Stay strong, you have someone looking over you now."

Okay Hold up.... Recap (December 7-15)

Wow.. it has been so eventful that I couldn't find the time to update this! For that, Sorry! :3

okey, here is a summary of things I have done during the end of 2010! Owh.. Happy New Year to each and everyone of my families, teachers, friends and foes(If I Have Any)!

1. Singapore Trip (7/12/10-11/12/10)
- Vivo City shopping, bought me a good booming speaker. 2.1 Altec Lansing for a price of S$199.00.
- A must for everyone, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE. It seems everyone of my friends who visited Singapore during the holidays went there. I'm glad I did and i bet that everyone would agree when I say, The Mummy Ride was THE BEST!! can't wait till they open the battlestars galactica rollercoaster. That will be EPIC!.

2. My Birthday Party (14/12/10-15/12/10)
- Now this, honestly, I didn't have much time to completely plan but it was VERY VERY FUN! One of my friends which attended mentioned "Nick! Thanks for inviting me and you were right, I would of regret if I were to not attend!" That really got me, to know that in the end everyone had a good time and I left something more then a smile on their faces, but a memory for them too keep as long as they wish.
- We didn't have food so my bestfriend Iswar chipped in and payed for half of the food.. We had Pizza, a Large cake and BBQ.
- It was beside a pool so, as a tradition, The birthday boy gets pushed/thrown into the pool. Talking about traditions, Iswar brought eggs and flour. Thus, the Human Birthday Cake project began. They started throwing everything they had at me. Who knew, eggs hurt like rocks.
- Since I was responsible for their safety, They could sleepover if they chose. So the speeover-ers helped me clean the place up. By the time we all slept it was 7am. We had only about 3 hours of sleep. Everyone went back safely.